Fulldome Space Library

The Fulldome Space Library is a diverse, beautifully-rendered collection of 3D astronomical animations. More than 60 minutes of solar system objects, stars, galaxies, nebulae and a wealth of other celestial phenomena are available. These animations are ideal for adding high-impact visual interest to automated sky shows or live Sky Tonight presentations, and can even be used for making complete planetarium shows.

All animations start and end with black, are mastered at high-resolution in industry-standard dome master format, and are compatible with all fulldome display systems. Licenses are available for the entire library, or for individual animations. For details, contact Mike Bruno at 610-459-5200 x173 or use our contact form. For a preview, click on the corresponding thumbnail image.

Views From Earth
Earth Moon System
Solar System [Planets]
Solar System [Moons]
Solar System [Asteroids/Comets]
Solar System [Space Exploration]
Stellar Objects
Deep Space Objects
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