Deep Space

Deep Space Objects

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GA 001
Clusters of Galaxies
View from intergalactic space. Pan/Sky

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GA 002
Milky Way Galaxy
Seen from above galactic plane; galactic core near screen center

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GA 003
Milky Way Galaxy
Edge-on view from plane of galaxy

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GA 004
Milky Way Glaxy
Edge-on view, within spiral arm

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GA 005
Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda rises from base of dome screen

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GA 006
Horsehead Nebula
View of Horsehead nebula against background of gas and dust

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GA 007
Virgo Cluster
Dense collection of galaxies of various shapes and sizes

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GA 008
Quasar Clusters
Riddled with lanes of gas and dust

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GA 009
Edge of Universe
Dense collection of stars, dust and galaxies seen from afar
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