Fractal Pack 1
Fractal Pack 1

Audiences of all ages enjoy the visual adventure of journeying into the infinitely complex world of fractals endlessly repeating patterns made from simple algebraic equations. Consisting of eight individual fulldome animations and a customizable PowerPoint lesson plan created by Dr. Jonathan Wolfe, Fractal Pack 1 offers educators a powerful new tool for teaching math and related sciences in the dome. An ATM-4 script is included for SciDome users.

While these fractal zooms are mathematical abstractions, audiences are always amazed to recognize that patterns of nature -- shapes such as trees, lightning, coastlines, insects, bacteria, seashells and more - can all be found within a fractal zoom. Each fractal tells the story of the processes that created it -- whether the erosion of a canyon, the evolution of a galaxy, or the computation of an equation. The powerful lesson from this exploration - the Butterfly Effect - is how small changes to a system can lead to dramatic changes in the outcome.

Fractal Pack 1 includes Crystaloon, Galanga, Pleoria, Morphalingus, Featherino, Peacock and Geometric fractals, plus the fabulous Butterfly Meltdown. Whether used for teaching or entertainment, these fractal zooms will make a great addition to your theater programming.

A production of the Fractal Foundation. Approximately 24 minutes (video clips only); 40 minutes (with lesson plan)

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