Dome Theater Design & Engineering

Unparalleled experience in Planetariums and Giant Screen Theaters

Spitz offers a range of dome theater and planetarium design services, from concept development through complete construction support. We create documentation, specifications, and construction drawings of all theater systems (theatrical lighting, seating, finishes, etc.) to ensure our theaters meet the highest standards.

3D computer models of customer installations are built to guarantee a smooth interface between the client’s facility and theater equipment. Sightline evaluation, ingress/egress integration, ADA requirements, acoustic treatments, and functionality are as important in our designs as aesthetics.


Services include:

  • Dome Size, Placement, Tilt
  • Dome Mounting Requirements
  • Dome Gain, Surface Characteristics
  • Dome Frame Requirements
  • Equipment/Audio System Mounting Requirements
  • Acoustic Considerations
  • Lighting Trough Specification
  • Seismic Stability Specifications
  • Catwalk Consideration

Dome Screen:

  • Projection Systems
  • Theater Automation Systems
  • Special Effects
  • Graphics/Display Software
  • Placement of Components
  • Physical Space Requirements

Display System:

  • Electrical Layout, Conduit Placement
  • Equipment Placement
  • Ingress/Egress
  • Seating Layout, Seat Specification, Seating Deck Configuration
  • Console/Control Area Layout
  • Sight-line Evaluation
  • ADA Requirements
  • HVAC Considerations

Lighting Design:

  • Cove Lighting Requirement (LED, Incandescent, etc.)
  • Work Lighting Requirement, Spot/Stage Lighting Requirement

Specifications and Final Report:

  • Drawings
  • Power Chart with Heat Loads
  • Equipment Descriptions
  • Room Preparation Guide

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