Lighting for Dome Theaters

Spitz offers high-quality illumination for dome theaters, including three-color LED cove systems, white LED lighting, and white fluorescent lights, for projection domes of all sizes.

Spitz is proud to provide superior NanoCove™ RGB and NanoCove™ White LED cove lighting by ChromaCove™.

NanoCove LED lighting

Long life, low power consumption, and variable settings make LED lighting ideal for dome theaters

NanoCove RGB delivers a smooth mix of color with ChromaCove’s proprietary ChromaBlend technology for unparalleled gradients, fades, and transitions. Because it uses red, green, and blue LED lights, the colors are intense and highly saturated ”” offering a richer color space than other lighting sources.

Individual RGB colors can be mixed at different intensities, creating millions of color possibilities. Optional programmable effects allow you to light discrete areas around the dome to create spectacular motion, flash, and chase sequences.

NanoCove White LED lighting is a low-energy option for providing room lighting, work lights, or to enhance the brightness of the RGB LED system.

For maximum versatility, NanoCove LED can include ChromaCove Designer™ software for powerful, yet easy to use lighting design and control. Lighting can be automated using Spitz ATM-4, or controlled live from within Chroma- Cove Designer.

LED cove lighting uses 1-foot segments, mounted in the cove trough at the lower edge of the dome. Each segment has a row of individual LEDs, each of which is capable of displaying any color.

Biax Fluorescent Lighting

High output fixtures for bright lighting applications

Spitz provides Biax Fluorescent white lighting for cleaning, working, and general room illumination. Fluorescent lighting meets the standards for classroom use (up to 35 foot candles at the theater seat/desk for reading and activities), allowing a dome theater to be used as a multi-purpose meeting and classroom space.

Both Biax Fluorescent and NanoCove LED lighting can be incorporated into a single cove trough mounting solution at the projection dome edge, also provided by Spitz.

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