Fulldome Earth Science Simulation

Interactive 3D world for realtime earth-science simulation

The Layered Earth is a detailed, comprehensive fulldome visualization suite for earth science simulation. The Layered Earth’s three-dimensional world envisions our Earth as a whole system. Explore tectonic plate boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes, mineral resources, biomes and much, much more.

The Layered Earth includes high resolution surface topography, satellite/aerial surface imagery, and 100s of educational texture maps. Like Starry Night, The Layered Earth includes comprehensive teaching resources, including teacher’s binders with lessons, activities, and assessments. Simulations and scenes can be transferred from classroom workstations to the dome, to extend the learning experience from the school to the planetarium.


Features include:

  • Topographically accurate surface terrain showing mountains, valleys, and all topo features with proper elevation.
  • High resolution surface imagery, including USDA NAIP high res natural surface, and MS Virtual Earth Aerial imagery with resolutions as high as 15 centimeters per pixel.
  • Science on a Sphere layers and video textures.
  • Interactive “on-dome” measurement tools and graphics.
  • Realtime current observations via the internet for earthquakes, cloud formations, multi-wavelength satellite surveys, and more.
  • Hundreds of surface layers, including:
    • Rocks, minerals
    • Locations of soil types, fossils, mines, coal, oil, etc.
    • Temperature and climate
    • Biological/biopsphere information
    • 3D earthquake locations (including date, time, magnitude) to -500 miles below the surface
    • Volcanoes
    • Magnetic dipole, anomaly, geoid
    • Planet cutaway, interior features
    • Tectonic plates, movement, strain rates
    • Seafloor topography and features
    • Ice flow maps, prehistoric continent maps

More SciDome Capabilities


Teaching tools that connect the dome and classroom environments.


The first handheld controller designed for direct manipulation of planetarium simulations. Your dome becomes a “touch screen” interface.


Realtime astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night, the world’s most popular astronomy education software.

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