Fulldome Physics Education

Physics360 provides an engaging tour of physics from basic motions through advanced dynamic principles. Students view and interact with unique 3D simulations designed to make use of the dome’s immersive teaching environment.

Predictions and results are shown within virtual worlds, where variables can be changed instantly and interactively – demonstrating physics principles dynamically in clear, easy-to-understand simulations.

Intuitive On-Dome Control

Physics360 uses the SciTouch interactive dome controller to adjust views, setting, and values. A simple “on-dome” interface lets teachers and students create new teaching scenarios, change variables, view results, and launch simulations – all with an easy-to-use hand-held controller.

The Curriculum

Created in partnership with Dr. Michael Stamatikos of The Ohio State University, Physics360 is designed to be a complete AP High School or college physics course.

More SciDome Capabilities


Teaching tools that connect the dome and classroom environments.


The first handheld controller designed for direct manipulation of planetarium simulations. Your dome becomes a “touch screen” interface.


Realtime astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night, the world’s most popular astronomy education software.

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