SciDome IQ 2560

Part of the SciDome IQ line. Sharp, bright, affordable. The smart choice for planetarium educators.

SciDome IQ 2560 brings sharp starfields and spectacular fulldome video to smaller domes. Part of the SciDome IQ family providing high resolution and brightness in a planetarium package that’s truly affordable for colleges, universities, and K-12 school systems.

Brightness: 5,200 ANSI lumens

Dome Size: Up to 36′ (11m)

Resolution: 2560 x 2560 pixels

Location: Cove Mount

Light Source: UHP Lamp

More SciDome System Configurations

SciDome IQ 2400

Dome Size: 40’+ (12m+)
Resolution: 2400 x 2400

SciDome IQ 4K

Up to 55′ (17m)
4096 x 4096

SciDome 4K XL

Up to 80′ (24m)
4096 x 4096

Teach with Touch

The only handheld controller designed specifically for planetariums


Only SciDome gives you SciTouch, a completely unique interactive dome controller that gives you direct contact with the visuals on the dome.

SciDome Education Capabilities


Realtime astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night, the world’s most popular astronomy education software.

Earth Science

The Layered Earth brings interactive, 3D earth-science education to the dome.


Teaching tools that connect the dome and classroom environments.

Contact Spitz for more information

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