Handheld Planetarium Controller

Exclusively available for Spitz SciDome


The only controller specifically designed

for interactive dome presentation


Interact directly with dome visualizations

Your movements become your presentation


The Dome is your User Interface

Put the power of SciDome in the palm of your hand

All SciDome models include the patented SciTouch™ control – a hand-held dome interface that will change the way you teach in the planetarium. SciTouch projects an infrared laser spot that’s constantly tracked by the SciDome system, so your movements instantly translate to actions on the dome. Moving through space or around the earth has never been simpler, or more intuitive.

SciTouch lets you interact and teach in completely new ways: Select graphic menus and commands on the dome from any position in the theater; directly interact with objects’ position, size, and movements using simple motions and one-touch operations.

Every aspect of your show can be controlled by SciTouch so you can present interactive astronomy shows, launch fulldome programs, and even operate your lighting with the touch of a button. Unlike tablets and touch screen controllers, SciTouch is designed specifically for 360 degree dome control.

SciTouch takes seconds to learn so students and teachers can operate the SciTouch system instantly, with no training required.

Class 1 Laser Product

The biggest, and most effective, change we benefit from with our SciTouch™ is the ability to walk out into our audience. Before SciTouch, we were like the Wizard of Oz, “heard but not seen,” because we were stuck behind the console.

Now we have a much more interactive set of lessons we use to teach our students here in the Shaker Heights schools.  We actually can see and ask questions of our students during the lessons, and the elementary teachers report that their students are more engaged because of this.

Bryan Child

Planetarium Director, Shaker Heights High School

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