Support FAQ & Common Procedures

Frequently asked questions about care, maintenance, and repair of Spitz planetarium hardware and software

General FAQs

I don't have an active support contract. Will Spitz still support my equipment?


We’re always happy to answer your questions, and we’ll provide maintenance and repair services on a time-and-materials basis. Contact Customer Support for prompt, professional assistance.

For greater peace of mind, protect yourself from lengthy downtimes and unexpected costs with a service contract, which covers all repairs for a predictable, flat annual fee.

Service Contract types:

System Protection Plan for SciDome digital planetarium systems

Preventative Maintenance Agreement for Spitz opto-mechanical planetariums

What is the shipping address for Spitz?

Our shipping address is:

Spitz, Inc.
700 Brandywine Drive
Chadds Ford PA 19317

How can I tell if a third-party technician is Spitz Certified?
We don’t “certify” or “authorize” any third-party technicians to represent Spitz. For service and repairs of your Spitz-provided equipment that we, the manufacturer, will stand behind, please contact Spitz Support.

SciDome FAQs

Is there a SciDome Users Group?

There is a robust community of active, friendly SciDome users, who you will most readily find in two places:

If you have a technical problem or question, though, please contact Customer Support as your first step.

The SciDome community is full of smart, helpful people, but if you don’t reach out to us, we lose the opportunity to learn about developing support trends as they arise. The more information we have, the better we’re able to get ahead of new issues before they happen to someone else.

What are the environmental requirements for SciDome?

The SciDome Digital Planetarium System utilizes high speed computers and custom manufactured fisheye lenses. These components require strict temperature control to maintain reliability and optical alignment.

Large temperature swings that occur during HVAC setback periods may cause optical alignment and calibration issues that can distort the projected image and negatively impact system reliability. Spitz strongly recommends maintaining constant temperature and humidity on a 24/7 basis.

Suggested fixed ambient temperature/ humidity range:

70 – 74 degrees F (21 – 23 degrees C)

45 – 50% relative humidity, under no conditions is condensation acceptable.

I've lost the keys to my rack enclosure.
It happens. Contact Customer Support to arrange for replacements.

Opto-Mechanical FAQs

What are the proper Star Lamp card settings for Spitz Model A5, 512, or 1024?
Please see the Star Lamp Card Setting Procedure document (PDF).
Where can I buy OEM parts?
Spitz is the only supplier of OEM original replacement parts for Spitz opto-mechanical planetarium projectors. To inquire about parts, please contact Spitz Support.

Common Procedures

Our SciDome XD has been virtually bullet proof for nearly 3.5 years, but on the two or three occasions we've had issues Spitz has been exceptionally responsive and helpful.

Thanks to Ron and all the fine folks at Spitz for their continued awesome support.

Alex Mak

Associate Director, Ritter Planetarium, University of Toledo

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