Architectural Domes, Spheres, and Freeform Structures

When design projects call for domes, spherical panels, or freeform architecture, Spitz provides the solution. We bring engineering, manufacturing, and installation skills together to build custom structures.

At Spitz, architectural domes are just the beginning: Our projects include specialized architectural treatments, soaring free-standing structures, and unique projection environments. Each Spitz project explores new solutions to complex geometric challenges. We’re a turnkey supplier of exterior domes, ceilings, spherical panels, architectural treatments, and dome screens.

If your vision calls for a beautifully finished, precisely made curved structure, we make it possible.

Spitz Architectural Capabilities

As the leading supplier of projection dome screens for planetariums, giant screen cinema, and theme parks, we’re able to build paneled structures with extreme precision. We create uniform surfaces with smooth, seamless transitions – even in complex geometries (spheres, toroids, ellipses, hybrid cylindrical/spherical surfaces, etc.).

We offer precise seaming methods, including flush panels, with no gaps, overlaps, or folds. Attachment of panels to frames is nearly invisible, so no external bolts or rivets are seen. Aluminum frames are custom rolled to any radii, allowing us to create smooth surfaces on virtually any topography.

Spitz supplies solid or perforated aluminum panels, powder coated to ensure the finish and gloss are perfect for each application. Spitz has extensive experience with projection screens and we offer custom-formulated coatings for optimized projection on screens, ceilings, or walls.


Spitz’s engineering and manufacturing teams specialize in uniquely curved, complex forms, including cylindrical, spherical and non-spherical frames and paneling. We supply concept drawings, completed designs, manufacturing, and installation of frames and panels.

Structures are designed and built in-house. We deliver precisely formed panels, powder-coated to perfectly match the color and finish you require. We supervise on-site installation, and carefully manage projects to assure quality and design integrity.

Spitz structures are currently used in museums, major theme parks, malls, military installations, and private buildings.

Facilities and Technology

Spitz engineers and fabricates all its products in a 47,000 square foot facility dedicated to the construction of domes and structures. Our manufacturing technology includes a custom designed stretch press to accurately form spherical panels, and large-bed 5-axis router to precisely cut panels in complex 3 dimensional axes. A 5,200 square foot assembly test bay allows us to test-build extremely large structures on site.

Spitz Architectural Project Case Studies

Let's make your vision a reality

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