Spitz Planetariums: Designed for Fulldome Education

SciDome™ Planetarium


Fulldome Astronomy, Earth Science, and Human Anatomy education (Physics coming soon!)

Projection systems for domes of all sizes

Curriculum for the planetarium and the classroom

Lighting and audio systems

World’s leading projection domes

Design, service, and training for your Spitz SciDome theater

Projection Systems


Spitz SciDome offers bright, sharp, smart projection options for domes from 20′ (6m) to 80′ (24m)

Robin Sip, Donna Cox receive IPS recognition

Congratulations to Evans & Sutherland Director of Show Production & Content Robin Sip, who today received the International Planetarium Society Technology & Innovation Award 2020 for his innovative use of fulldome film as a creative medium! Also receiving...

Elevate Entertainment Changes Company Name to Cosm

Elevate Entertainment, parent company of Spitz, Inc. and Evans & Sutherland, embarked upon an extensive journey to identify and build a transformational brand. After months of research and careful consideration, the company changed their name to Cosm. The new...

Apollo 13 in SciDome

50 years ago this evening, the Apollo 13 spacecraft had its great "Houston, we've had a problem" moment. Apollo 13 is rendered in SciDome Preview Suite, with models representing the spacecraft both before and after panel #4 on the service module was blown off by the...

TEACH bigger: Immersive Education meets Powerful Capability

SciDome provides robust simulation capabilities and comprehensive curriculum resources


Realtime astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night, the world’s most popular astronomy education software.

Earth Science

The Layered Earth beings interactive, 3D earth-science education to the dome.


Teaching tools that connect the dome and classroom environments.

Teach with Touch

The SciTouch controller puts the power of SciDome in the palm of your hand


The only handheld controller that allows you to directly interact with planetarium visualizations. Learn more

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