Spitz Planetarium Services

Digistar 7 by Evans & Sutherland

Digistar 7 from E&S

Spitz offers the full line of Digistar planetarium solutions from our sister Cosm company, Evans & Sutherland.

Digistar will soon support a wide variety of features and functionality from the legacy Spitz SciDome planetarium system, including:


  • ATM-4 show import
  • SciTouch handheld controller
  • Fulldome Curriculum lessons
Spitz service technician installs a projector lens

Service & Support

Spitz offers comprehensive phone and email support for Spitz-provided products and software.


Planetarium projection dome

Projection Domes

The world’s leading provider of projection domes, Spitz has delivered over 2,000 domes worldwide.

Prestigious clients such as The Griffith Observatory, Disney, IMAX, Zeiss, Universal Studios and The Adler Planetarium choose Spitz immersive screens for their unmatched surface characteristics and structural quality.

Engineering drawing of a planetarium dome

Design & Engineering

From concept development through complete construction support, Spitz offers full engineering services to ensure your theater meets the highest standards.


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To learn more about our planetarium services, contact Spitz at +1.610.459.5200.