Dome Screens

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The largest optical element

in a dome theater

is the dome itself


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World's Leading Projection Domes


Spitz, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of dome projection screens with over 2,000 installations on six continents.

Spitz domes are the first choice for the world’s large format film theaters, planetariums, and attractions. Prestigious clients such as The Griffith Observatory, Disney, IMAX, Zeiss, Universal Studios and The Adler Planetarium choose Spitz immersive screens for their unmatched surface characteristics and structural quality.

Spitz’s strict attention to detail results in superior optical performance, dome acoustics, structural strength, and tolerances compared to other dome manufacturers. Experience and expertise allow Spitz to turn the most innovative display concepts into reality.

Advanced planetarium display systems require state of the art dome screen technology. With five decades of experience and over 1,000 installations worldwide, Spitz is the world leader in planetarium projection domes.

Spitz domes are chosen by the most discriminating planetarium clients because of our unparalleled quality and customer support. Our projection surfaces are unmatched by any other dome provider.

Spitz services include design, manufacturing and installation of complete domes, catwalks, and ladder systems. Our engineering team provides comprehensive theater design services to help bring your dome theater project to life.

Large Format Cinema
Giant Dome Cinema

Spitz is the world’s leading manufacturer of large-format cinema domes, with nearly 100 domestic and international film theaters ranging in size and configuration up to 30 meters in diameter.

Spitz domes incorporate a modular structural frame design and perforated screen material that permits optimal sound and HVAC transmission. A variety of custom optical coatings are available to ensure uniformity, brightness, and contrast in the image.

Powder coating provides a durable, washable, uniform finish that requires no painting or other preparation in the field. Special manufacturing and installation ensures virtually undetectable seams between panels during projection. Our experience working with architects, designers and engineers has made us the world’s leading dome provider for Giant Dome Cinemas.

Immersive dome simulations are becoming an integral part of theme park attractions.  Ride simulators require complex, one-of-a-kind structural designs along with refined image quality to create powerful, realistic visitor experiences. That’s why the world’s major theme parks choose Spitz for the quality and performance of our large-format dome screens.

Spitz has the experience to design and build dome screens for the most challenging, custom display applications. We can specify and manufacture complex modular frames systems for any screen geometry and provide custom optical coatings designed to optimize display for 2D and 3D projection. Our engineers work closely with clients to insure every aspect of the final display meets with the client’s demanding standards.

Projection Domes for Theaters and Attractions Worldwide

Spitz Projection Dome clients include some of the most discriminating customers in the world including the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, and Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. We’re IMAX’s choice for dome screens, and major theme park operators around the world choose Spitz for their custom dome applications. Our manufacturing superiority, attention to detail, and prestigious clientele make Spitz the world’s leading provider of dome screens.
The immersive experience is vastly improved and visitors notice and appreciate this single change above all others.
David Duszynski

VP of Featured Experiences and Customer Services, Cincinnati Museum Center

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