The largest optical component

in your dome theater

is your dome.


Your digital upgrade deserves

a state-of-the-art projection surface

that will make the most of your new capabilities.


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Flawless digital projection demands a flawless dome


Upgrading your dome theater to new projection technology will take the immersive effect to new levels. Audiences will expect a previously-unattainable standard of visual perfection. Achieving this perfection requires attention to all elements of the optical path, including the largest optical element in your theater: the projection dome.

An old dome with distracting visible seams will compromise the impact of your digital upgrade. Give your audience the visual perfection you’re promising with a new or repaneled Spitz NanoSeam™ dome.

Experience Counts

Whether it’s a ground-up rebuild, a NanoSeam repanel, or just a dome cleaning, you need to know that the work will be done professionally and the results will be exceptional. Spitz’s track record for projection dome refurbishment and maintenance stands without equal.

Spitz has upgraded dozens of domed theaters, including IMAX Dome locations like the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and the Science Museum of Virginia, as well as some of the most storied and iconic planetariums in the world: the Hayden, the Griffith, the Adler, and many more. View Case Studies to see their stories.

Ask our customers

The seams are absolutely invisible under projection conditions. Having the screen surface ‘disappear’ from the scene adds depth and realism to the projection.
Mark Webb

Director of Theaters, Adler Planetarium

The immersive experience is vastly improved and visitors notice and appreciate this single change above all others.
David Duszynski

VP of Theaters, Cincinnati Museum Center

It’s like sitting inside a giant eggshell.
Dr. Jeffry Kirsch

Former Director, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Assess your dome's condition

What will it take to make it perfect for digital projection?
Traditional projection domes have typically been constructed from multiple panels of perforated aluminum, overlapped onto each other where they join. While this technique worked perfectly for classic opto-mechanical planetariums, the drawbacks of lap seaming became more apparent with the onset of film projection and other higher-brightness applications.

Over the years, innovations such as edge-bending and darkening the underlying panel edges have helped to ameliorate the issue of visible seams, but only Spitz’s recent development of the NanoSeam process has finally made it possible to create a dome that appears completely seamless across a wide variety of projection conditions.

Here’s the good news: most projection domes with visible seams can be repaneled with NanoSeam, without replacing the existing structure. Contact Spitz to learn more about repaneling your existing dome.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, accidents happen. Roofs develop unexpected leaks. Improper ladder handling leads to a dent or scratch.

That’s why Spitz powder coats every dome we manufacture. Powder coating is more durable than paint, giving it a better chance to escape that ladder encounter unscathed. It’s tough enough to be wet washed, even with solvents, so stains can often be cleaned rather than repainted or replaced. And because powder coating produces a completely consistent finish, we’re able to provide pre-finished spare panels with every dome. If the worst happens, individual panels can be replaced with no need for messy onsite painting.

Learn more about Spitz powder coating, and why you should demand it when you’re building a projection dome to last.

In addition to visible seams, some older projection domes also deliver an inferior experience due to warped panels. Depending on the cause, repaneling may be sufficient to bring the dome up to pristine digital projection standards. We’ll evaluate your dome on-site to determine whether a repanel or full replacement is necessary.

Contact Spitz to schedule an on-site assessment.

Dome theaters handle lots of people, and lots of people means lots of dust. Over time, this dust can build up on your dome’s projection surface, reducing its gain (reflectivity) and diminishing the quality of your audience’s experience.

If your shows seem dimmer than they used to even with fresh lamps in the projector, a cleaning may be all it needs. We can eliminate the bulk of the accumulated dust by vacuuming it from behind, through the perforations. Because no scaffolding is required, vacuum cleaning means no downtime for your theater  the Spitz team can complete this task during overnight shifts.

Contact Spitz to learn more about projection dome cleaning.

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