Key Capabilities

Spitz leads the world in projection domes, with over 2,000 installed. In the process, we’ve developed the cutting-edge techniques and technology that ensure Spitz domes provide a superior audience experience for our clients.

The NanoSeam Process

With Spitz’s proprietary NanoSeam™ technology, no panel overlap means no seam shadows. Exquisitely tight tolerances bring panels less than a credit card’s width apart.

Powder Coating

Spitz powder-coats every dome panel that goes out the door, for a perfectly even finish with unmatched durability. Powder coating provides dramatic advantages over painted surface treatments.

Facilities & Manufacturing

Our 5-axis large bed router produces perfectly curved dies for our innovative stretch-press. After each panel is reshaped to your dome’s specified radius, it returns to the 5-axis router for precision cutting.

Contact Spitz for more information

To learn more about Spitz’s superior dome manufacturing, contact Spitz at +1.610.459.5200.