Powder Coating

A superior surface treatment for projection domes

Spitz projection domes are finished with a proprietary epoxy powder coating for superior consistency, durability, and image gain control. The powder coating process produces precise and uniform results that are impossible with traditional on-site painting.

Spitz powder coating is formulated in a lab to exacting standards. Powder coating is applied electrostatically by a robotic process in a carefully controlled environment, so the uniformity is precisely metered. Powder coating eliminates the troublesome variables associated with painting on site, such as temperature and humidity, gun speed, gun pressure, and human error.


Powder coating ensures a precise finish consistency across the entire projection surface. The robotic application guarantees a uniform, regular surface on every panel of the dome, with none of the flaws and irregularity associated with conventional painting. Also unlike painting, there’s no carrier fluid to evaporate in the finishing process, so no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released.


Epoxy powder coating creates an extremely hard and smooth surface. The finish is much more durable than a conventional painted screen. Powder coating won’t degrade over time, and it’s tough enough to be washed if necessary – even solvents won’t degrade the dome’s coating.

If the dome ever suffers damage, replacement panels (provided at the time of installation) will precisely match the exact finish of the original dome without the need for expensive on-site painting.

Image Gain Control

Powder coating allows for accurate control of the dome “gain” (the level of light reflected for optimal image brightness and contrast). We provide optical formulations for any type of projection technology, including film, digital display, and stereoscopic 3D. Spitz will work with you to find the optimum optical coating for your theater application.

Powder coated NanoSeam dome at the Adler Planetarium.

Powder coated NanoSeam™ dome at the Adler Planetarium.

Sample gain curves. Click for larger version.

Sample gain curves. Click for larger version.

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