Senior Software Engineer, Spitz Inc.

Spitz Incorporated, a world-leading manufacturer of educational planetariums and dome visualization systems, is seeking an experienced software engineer to develop custom software and manage lead software operations. This employee will develop new software and integrate existing products ranging from embedded systems to multimedia applications appearing on hemispherical projection screens. Software and company direction spans a broad range of educational disciplines.

In this position you will design and implement user interfaces with a special eye towards interaction with dome-projected imagery. You will be responsible for ensuring the smooth integration of in-house and third-party applications for a user audience spanning a broad range of knowledge and abilities.

Essential Functions

Maintain and update existing device control/automation software and work with development team to establish new features. Design and create software user interfaces, including specialized UI for dome rendering applications. Coordinate key aspects of software creation throughout the development process. Guide staff in software process while implementing software creation and releases. Conceive and develop APIs for third-party real-time visualization applications.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of real-time simulation and rendering. Understand computer graphics formats for immersive or spherical display applications. Ability to coordinate multiple projects with diverse objectives. Strong understanding of installers and compatibility issues with current and legacy Windows operating systems.

3-4 years’ experience with C++ and Java. Experience with C# is preferred. Familiarity with PowerShell, DOS Batch and Visual Studio as well as Win32 legacy support. Familiarity with Microsoft Foundation Class library and the Component Object Model method is also preferred. Familiarity with MSI and NSIS installer systems, and the Eclipse Java IDE. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and XML is also desired.

Understanding of college-level physics and advanced mathematics. Knowledge of control for software embedded on microcontrollers, like those used in lighting panels and audio equipment. Astronomy knowledge will be highly useful. Applicants with Unity experience are preferred.

Fluency in C++ and familiarity with C# and Java are essential.

Experience with the following, or an eagerness to learn, will be helpful: Visual Studio, MFC, DCOM, OpenGL, Direct3D, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE, Powershell, DOS Batch, Win32, MSI installers, NSIS installers, JavaScript, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform, HTML, CSS, XML, Unity game engine

A solid understanding of college-level mathematics and physics.

EEO/AA Employer M/F/D/V

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As an EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER, it is the policy of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation and Spitz, Inc. to provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by state or federal laws.