The SciDome System

Designed for Planetarium Education

Spitz SciDome planetariums are designed to be engaging, interactive, fulldome classrooms.

Powered by Starry Night and The Layered Earth, SciDome brings realtime space and earth science into the dome’s unique teaching environment. Immerse students in SciDome’s interactive visual universe, and explore Earth’s 3D topography and layers in spectacular detail.


The SciDome System includes:

Fulldome Display System


SciDome projection systems offer a range of configurations and resolutions for domes up to 60 feet (18 meters).

Control Console


SciDome’s console/desk combination with computers for rendering and operator control. Includes mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Simulation Software
mars-layers-150Powerful real-time simulation capabilities, with astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night software and interactive earth science driven by The Layered Earth.
Fulldome Curriculum

FDCurriculum_Binder_Set300Teach complex concepts with unique live interaction. Classes and mini-lessons for a wide variety of topics from seasons and moon phases, to detailed subjects like orbital dynamics, astronomical timekeeping, and astronomy history.

Classroom Curriculum

starry_night_elementary_binder-320SciDome integrates tightly with the classroom versions of Starry Night and The Layered Earth. Tailored for grade levels from elementary through university, the curriculum is designed to satisfy state education standards including the NGSS.


Rotating-SciTouch-animated-GIF-320Only SciDome includes Touch capability, the first handheld controller designed for planetarium presentation. Your dome becomes a “touch screen” interface.

autowarp-2-600Two-projector configurations of SciDome include the AutoWarp system for automatic, hands-free alignment and edge blending.
SciDome Theater Automation
ATM OA DialogSpitz’s graphical automation software, ATM-4 controls Starry Night, The Layered Earth, and your theater, including lighting and audio.
Installation & Training
service-craig-150Professional installation is performed by an experienced Spitz technician. Initial training is provided onsite, with ongoing training available annually at Spitz Institute.

Powered by

Powered by

SciDome has truly opened a universe of possibilities for educating and entertaining our audiences. Spitz has created a powerful teaching tool, while also attending to the theatrical needs and desires of today’s audiences.

Dr. Kelly Herbst

Astronomy Curator, Virginia Living Museum

SciDome Projection Options

Every planetarium is different. Select the SciDome configuration that meets your individual needs.

Single Projector

SciDome Standard – powerful teaching capability, ease-of-use, and low maintenance for smaller facilities and schools.

With ultra-bright laser illumination and a 20,000-hour light source, SciDome HD Laser brings single-projector simplicity to larger domes.

Dual Projector

Two-projector SciDome systems deliver higher resolution for the most demanding domes. Dual projector systems include SciDome HD, SciDome XD, and SciDome 4K Laser. Spitz’s AutoWarp calibration makes projector alignment and edge blending a snap.

Cove Mounting

Dual projector SciDome systems are available in cove-mount option, creating more seating space in the planetarium.

SciDome Standard

Single projector

1600 x 1600 pixels

Dome size up to 30 feet (9m)

SciDome HD Laser

Single projector

2160 x 2160

Up to 50 feet (15m)

SciDome HD

Dual projector

1920 x 1920

Up to 55 feet (17m)

SciDome XD/XD-S

Dual projector

2560 x 2560

Up to 55 feet (17m)

SciDome 4K Laser

Dual projector

4096 x 4096

Up to 65 feet (20m)

Robust education capabilities

Every SciDome system provides the same comprehensive suite of education tools and capabilities


Realtime astronomy simulation powered by Starry Night, the world’s most popular astronomy education software.

Earth Science

The Layered Earth beings interactive, 3D earth-science education to the dome.


Teaching tools that connect the dome and classroom environments.

Teach with Touch

The only handheld controller designed specifically for planetariums


Only SciDome gives you SciTouch, a completely unique interactive dome controller that gives you direct contact with the visuals on the dome.

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