The future of LED display tech is here

Evans & Sutherland, a Cosm company, was honored to sponsor The Society of German-Speaking Planetaria (GDP) Annual Meeting on April 18. The virtual gathering marked the kickoff of show season in our industry this year to share our technology and enthusiasm for planetariums.

Some takeaways from the show:

The future of LED display tech is here.  First, the virtual format gave us a terrific opportunity to showcase DomeX at our Cosm Experience Center in Salt Lake City. DomeX is a 20-meter diameter 8K LED immersive dome and the only one of its kind in the world. We see this technological marvel as a giant step forward, improving the user experience by delivering rich, deep and accurate colors, as well as brightness and contrast levels never before achieved.

With our partner Cosm company, Spitz, we designed the dome structure to allow panel alignment down to the width of a human hair, while still maintaining easy access and removal of panels, if needed.  We at E&S and Spitz are continually researching and innovating to drive the future of LED display technology.  As travel allows, we hope you’ll visit DomeX in person and see for yourself how we’re revolutionizing the dome experience.

Digistar 7 is new and improved to make your shows amazing. At GDP, we were happy to share an update on our seventh iteration of our core 3D rendering engine, Digistar, which shows real-time rendered environments and live-streamed and recorded videos.  We’ve made the world’s best planetarium software even better with new features like MicroCosmos, SkyID, biodiversity plug-ins, and an improved Show Builder.

NanoSeam enhances the viewing experience for audiences worldwide. The show also provided a foundation to profile our Spitz NanoSeam dome installations.  Since 2007, NanoSeam domes have been the most popular choice for planetariums and remain so today, with more than 30 new installations and re-panels since the start of last year. Customers tell us they love the seamless immersive experience made available by Nanoseam technology.  To date, we’ve installed more than 250 NanoSeam screens throughout the world, including Berlin, Amberg, and Heilbronn in the German-speaking region.

The pandemic didn’t stop us from welcoming new users into the family. Despite the pandemic, we’ve been fortunate to install a dozen new and upgraded Digistar sites in Europe this past year, including Curiosum, the new science center in Umeå, Planetarium Hamburg, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and more to demonstrate our leading technology and know-how. We hope you’ll have a chance to visit them soon.

Get ready for great, new shows to share with your visitors. Our creators have been working diligently to produce inspiring and engaging full dome content, including Atlas of a Changing Earth and Black Hole: First Picture, which premiere later this year.  We’ve had a sneak preview and know audiences will love them.  Stay tuned!

How can we help you power your experience? If you’d like a virtual tour of DomeX at the Cosm Experience Center or to take another look at our Digistar 7 features, you’ll find them on our E&S GDP site. We hope you’re as excited about the future of our industry as we are and looking forward to seeing you at coming shows.

Exterior of planetarium at Curiosum in Umeå, Sweden
Digistar 7 imagery on the dome at Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen, Denmark
Hamburg Planetarium